May 1st & May 2nd ~ pressale tickets available
Please see attachments regarding the meeting on April 19, 2021 discussing facilities. If you would like to attend in person, please follow instructions on the guideline and provide names & phone numbers of those attending.  There will also be a...
Check out the attached flyers for more information on the Head Start Program!
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has extended the summer meal program until June 30, 2021.  This extension will allow schools to continue to serve free meals, breakfast and lunch, to all students in the school district. Students will still...
Please find the letter from the Wayne County Health Department attached. This letter is to advise you about the process of contact tracing. The local health departments have been working together and are following similar protocols, however once...
The 2021-2022 district calendar was approved by the Board of Education on 01/11/21.  

Event Calendar

Thursday, 04-15-21
Tuesday, 04-20-21