Access to Online IPDP Manager

Access can be gained by logging into KIOSK and clicking IPDP at the top of the screen.


On-Line License Renewal

Southeast LPDC IRN: 013475

LPDC Instructions for IPDP and Activities

Instructions for Submitting Activities (Click link to print)

1.      Click on the Create Activity option in the box on the left of the screen.

2.      Enter the following information:

a.  Activity Name:  This should reflect the course name.

b.  Activity Dates:  These should reflect the start/end dates of your activity.

c.  Select Plan/Certification:  All options should be checked.

d.  Verification Method:  Make the appropriate choice.

e.  Provider:  Indicate who provided the training, classes, etc.

f.   Approving Supervisor:  This should be set to none.

g.  Credit Hour Fields:  Enter your hours in the appropriate option.

h.  Description:  Provide a description of the course.  This section should tell about the topics covered in the activity.

i.   Activity Focus:  This section should indicate how you will apply this activity to your position.

3.      Click Create Activity Request.  At this time you can still edit your activity information.  If you are ready to submit the activity to LPDC, then you will continue to the next step.

4.      Click Submit Activity for Final Approval and send paperwork verification to the LPDC committee for review.



Instructions for Writing an IPDP (click link to print)

A. Start here if you already have an IPDP in KIOSK.

  1. Click on the View Plan option in the box on the left of the screen.
  2. Click the Archive Plan option.  Do NOT just revise your plan.
  3. At this point skip to #2 in the section B.

B. Start here if this is your first IPDP created in KIOSK.

  1. Click on the Create Plan option in the box on the left of the screen.
  2. There are three different plans.  Choose the appropriate plan for your position.
  3. Complete the following sections.

a.  Plan Name:  It is suggested you use the expiration date of your certificate.

b.  Approving Supervisor:  This should be set to none.

c.  Applies to Certificates:  All options should be checked.

d.  Mission:  Go to the drop down menu and select the appropriate choice.

e.  Focus:  Answer the question provided with a paragraph response.

Provide feedback that focuses on WHY and HOW your future professional development will enhance your teaching and impact students.  A list of your classes or courses is not needed, nor is stating your intent to renew or earn another degree.

f.  Professional Development Plan Goals:  This is NOT a required area for LPDC, however the program requires something be typed in the box (a, 1, etc.). 

g.  Development Plan – Focus Areas:  As a minimum, select at least 2 Focus Areas; then check at least 2 sub-categories within each of those areasMore options may be chosen if desired.  For reference, these areas correspond to the components found in the OTES evaluation rubric.