FINAL FORMS for 2023-2024: Get ready to update Your Students and New Registrations

Final Forms for 2023-2024 school year is open!
Southeast Local Schools will continue using an online system to collect all forms including extracurriculars.  You may access Final Forms from the district website located under the parent tab or follow the steps below. You will need a working email to complete this process.  It is important to use an email that will be checked regularly because all reminders and notifications will be sent to the registered email. A huge benefit of this online system is once you (guardian) complete all forms, the following year the process will be to verify and update any changes if needed. You may complete this at anytime or wait until the fall.  The two steps are listed below. 1. Parent Registration (setting up your Final Forms account)
2. Register Student(s)  You must use your child’s email account when registering your child.  It follows the format of graduation year, first two letters of first name, and entire last name.  Ex: John Doe for class of 2028=
*This email can be confirmed by your child or the school secretary.

To complete Final Forms, go to: 
STEP 1:  Final Forms, Parent Registration / ACCOUNT SET-UP   
STEP 2:  Final Forms, How to register your student